Our portfolio of services periodically grows with all the developing and technological innovations that this service industry brings.

We offer complete logistic solutions adjusted to our clients’ requirements concerning the road transport, van, maritime transport and air transport. To simplify, our task is to find the most efficient way of transporting the goods and shipments by land, sea or air without any complications in the shortest notice and with the most favourable prices. We simplify for the clients the technical details for every transport to the last detail in order that everyone understands all the processes.

We find the most efficient solutions for us as for our clients to reduce the time waiting as well as others unnecessary process requirements. Implementing all the newest technological achievements we guarantee the maximum attention to all kinds of goods, especially concerning the shipment of                    

temperature controlled transport or dangerous goods transport.

All clients’ needs and requirements are our imperative by which we are guided all the way from the initial meeting and arrangements for the specific service to the delivery at the required location.

We are extremely careful during complicated transport of shipments, especially transcontinental so we can assure the minimum transition time as possible as well as the delivery of goods and shipments.

Our services also provide consulting about purchase terms, optimal choices, all depending on clients’ demands and requirements, organising “door-to-door “ transport, maritime brokerage and freight, warehousing the goods in top conditions and logistic consulting in the field of warehousing.


We organize transport for the EU countries as import and export for third countries and all over Croatia.

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Kombi prijevoz naslovna


We are able to organize a van transport for the EU destinations  as for third countries and all over Croatia in the shortest term.

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We are able to organize full shipments transport from all over the world, whether is full container load or less-than-container load.

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avionski prijevoz naslovna


We can provide an air transport for all kinds of goods and shipments around the world no matter the shipments origin or its end-point. If you need a fast, efficient and optimal solution for your air transport no matter the size or shipments weight, be sure to contact us with absolute trust.

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